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Classic Rally Team leading the Environmental Charge in going green!

Tony Jardine + Alan Harryman put the Avenger through it’s paces

The entire NET HERO Rally Team of driver Tony Jardine and co-driver Allan Harryman’s car, plus all its support vehicles, including team travel emissions, will be carbon neutral for the biggest rally of 2021, the forthcoming Roger Albert Clark Rally.

The rally programme, will use the first premium carbon offset platform that enables motorists to become environmentally responsible drivers.NET-HERO, is an innovative platform for motorists to offset their emissions through the support of high-quality carbon credits, will be used for historic motorsport and rallying for the first time.

NET-HERO is a simple web-based platform that allows drivers of internal combustion engine cars, including rally cars, to offset their carbon footprint and help protect the future in three easy steps for as little as 2 pence per mile. Any car from a Fiat Panda to a twin cam Ford Escort can become carb on neutral by offsetting through the purchase of fully certified credits for NET-HERO high quality carbon credit projects which includeafforestation, restoration of peatlands and grass protection.

How NET-HERO works: 

NET-HERO is powered by a database of millions of registered vehicles allowing drivers to accurately calculate the greenhouse gas emissions for new and classic cars. First, motorists enter their vehicle’s details to calculate its carbon footprint. Secondly, they can contribute to high quality carbon projects by purchasing from the NET-HERO offset basket, developed with decarbonisation specialists BeZero Carbon.
Finally, motorists will receive an email certificate and a custom vignette to showcase their new status as an environmentally friendly driver. With this platform, climate awareness can rapidly turn into climate action. NET-HERO’s AAA+rated programme* helps motorists offset internal combustion engine emissions for as little as c.2 pence per mile. Each carbon credit contributes to high quality projects around the world, including afforestation, restoration of peatlands and grass protection. This rating has been developed using a proprietary methodology for assessing the efficacy of certified carbon projects called the BeZero Carbon Rating.
The Albert Clark Rally

Top names from across the sport and 150 cars from around the UK and the world will compete in The Roger Albert Clark Rally, the biggest and most prestigious event on the rally calendar in 2021 which takes place at the end of this month (Nov 25 – 29).

Tony Jardine and Allan Harryman will be competing in a 1973 Hillman Avenger 1600 GT originally built by Tim Tugwell and prepared by 3D Motorsport, the first historic R.A.C. event for the pairing. They are hoping to finish well and aim to deliver a significant environmental motoring message along the way.

As the event will visit special stages in all three forests areas of Forest Scotland, Forest England and Wales, it is entirely appropriate that the NET-HERO Rally team blazes the environmental path to demonstrate to other competitors the need for action to help protect our forests and theenvironment through the sport of rallying. Through awareness of a green standard that is easily achieved via NET-HERO, it is important to set an example as to how emissions can be easily offset as the event is for historic rally cars. As more teams take action, this will help protect the future of rallying when combined with the major efforts of Motorsport UK, the governing body of the sport.

Motorsport UK CEO Hugh Chambers commented:

“Motorsport UK applauds this innovative approach from NET-HERO and Tony Jardine. Motorsport is at a turning point in demonstrating how it can not only neutralise its impact on the environment, with initiatives such as this, but going even further to pave the way for bold new innovations such as carbon neutral synthetic fuels.
“These will allow existing internal combustion engine cars to carry on being used and enjoyed with no detrimental effect. The reason this is so important is that we need to protect the enormously successful classic car industry that employs tens of thousands of people and brings real economic benefits to communities across the UK.”


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