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Volume 13 is here! more magnificent classic adventures in this jam-packed edition hot off the press.

As we went to press two events have fallen foul to the weather. One is the Race Retro Show at Stoneleigh which was so waterlogged that it was cancelled at the last minute and the other, the St Moritz ICE event which also suffered from a deluge, but of a different kind. St Moritz is not like the UK where a light powder brings everything to a halt, so for them to cancel it must be an extraordinary event. And so it proved. Just a day before the International Concours of Elegance there was 20 hours of snow which shut off all access to St Moritz as 60cm and rising was settling.

So this volume we have a Heat and Dust edition as some organisers opted for the desert instead as there is never any rain in the desert. Apparently there can be – and lots of it.  In this edition we visit the style event of the year, the Burning Man extravaganza in Black Rock Desert, Nevada which also suffered from a deluge and had to be cut short, causing the worlds biggest traffic jam.  Luckier than all of those was ERA’s Badawi Trial which kicked up a lot of dust with spectacular effect.

The London to Brighton Veteran Car Run which was so wet last year that many people failed to finish, was run on a beautiful day this year. The only cloud on that horizon is Brighton Council wanting to close Madeira Drive. The Brighton Speed Trial which has been run since 1905 has already been cancelled due to a new road layout and the health and safety requirements which make it no longer viable. While the council is still allowing seven motoring events this year they definitely have an anti-internal combustion faction that is wanting to close the area off to motoring completely.

Let’s keep the adventures going – Godspeed to one an all


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