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What is Auto Addicts?
Auto Addicts is a classic lifestyle magazine celebrating adventure through motorsport. Our readers are classic enthusiasts, collectors and racers who all share a joy of adventure travel and events in classic cars and bikes.

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Who are Auto Addicts?
We are a small team of collectors, racers, photographers and journalists. Between us we have a huge database, a wealth of knowledge.

We wanted to set-up a news portal to share classic news and photographs on a weekly basis without the long wait for the monthly magazines. See Submissions for details.

Auto Addicts
Sarah Bennett-Baggs, Content Editor & Racer
Classic racer, automotive PR, Founder and editor of Auto Addicts.
Sarah uses her journalist skills and contacts to out-reach news about specialist cars new on the market. She is also a keen artist.


Auto Addicts
Mike Thorne, Business Director, Collector and Racer
Competitive racer and classic collector, foodie of the highest order, Mike’s level headedness and sound business experience keeps the Auto Addicts cogs turning. He is also a keen collector and often unearthing great classic gems worthy of sharing.


Auto Addicts
John Godley, Researcher and Buying Agent
John is an automotive research guru of the highest order, spending much of his time in dark and dusty archives, delving for detail and data on high value classics for collectors – both selling and just purchased. See the partners section on how to benefit from his services which are available for Auto Addicts readers!


Auto Addicts
Andy Young, Automotive Photographer
Having studied Photography at University, Andy is now living his dream of combining photography with his love of classic cars on a full time basis. He has a good eye for the detail and takes pride in his work, with a professional and very thorough approach. You won’t recognise your own car by the time he has finished!


stitchedDave Brassington, Action Photographer
Dave started out work as an apprentice at Rolls-Royce in 1970, having studied Automotive Design & Electronics since then he has worked for both Aston Martin & now Jaguar as a Consultant Engineer. He studied photography at Warwick, and loves visiting the far flung historical events and circuits, capturing man and machine battle it out just as they would have back in the day. Visit: www.davebrassington.co.uk


Auto Addicts
Peter Scott, Rally Expert and Contributor
Peter competed in his first car rally, a small club event in Northern Ireland, in 1965. Since then he has been a competitor in over 1000 rallies. These days Peter can be found coaching drivers and co-drivers, or managing the build of new rally cars, coordinating rally programmes and, of course, co-driving on events.


Auto Addicts
Johnny Tipler, Journalist and news contributor
Author of over 30 Automotive titles, Johnny is a wealth of automotive knowledge and busy adventure journalist. Johnny is a regular contributor of racing news for Octane & 911 & Porsche World amongst others and he helps keep us all informed.


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Stay in touch
To receive the latest news as it breaks