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Adrian Flux Specialist Insurers


Background about Adrian Flux:
The insurance broker for classic car owners, collectors and enthusiasts, Adrian Flux is a family-run business focused on providing tailormade policies for people who are passionate about their motoring.
We are committed supporters of classic and historic motor racing, the British Touring Car Championship and the Auto Addicts platform.

Why choose Adrian Flux for your collection policy?
You can’t drive all your cars at once, do why should you pay full premiums on every car in your collection?
Here at Adrian Flux, we’re genuine car enthusiasts too so we understand the needs collectors and we have a dedicated VIP team to look after customers who have collections of five cars or more.

Classic Cars and Collections:
We also offer very competitive rates if you have one or two classic cars, backed up by more than 40 years of experience in finding the right cover for classics, at the right price.

Our policies offer agreed value cover, limited mileage, discounts for owners club members, and track day cover can be included. Give us a call on 0800 085 5000

Contact us:
To get a quote for your classic car collection simply drop us an email to our VIP team at and one of the team will schedule a call to come back to you with any questions at your convenience.

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Stay in touch
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