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GP Ice Race at Zell am See

Extreme driving sports doesn’t get any more extreme than this – a selection of crazy people driving as fast as possible around a frozen lake towing a skier! Split into 4WD, 2WD and Classic classes – the fastest man wins!

Our photographer Charlie B Photography was out there to check out what was going on, and offers this teaser of a longer feature planned in our next printed Journal due out in May.

Charlie told us  “The GP Ice Race is like Goodwood on Ice, heavily Porsche centric, with the majority of those taking part being private racers, small local teams or sometimes just enthusiasts, and whilst it is competitive with published results it is a real showman sport.”

Apparently in the1928 St. Moritz, Winter Olympics, there was an event where riderless horses pulled skiers on a race track at maximum speed. This was the moment Skijöring was invented. Ten years later, the first crazy Austrian decides to have a go at Skijoring using motorised Renntandems cross the ice at the frozen lake of Zell am See, the rest as they say is history.

Adrian Stevens (below) and our man on the ground at this event told us: “The Ice GP is brilliantly organised, and pretty relaxed with a pre event party, a competitors field, and a pre-fab restaurant erected to feed five hundred!  There were also lots of big screens to watch the action and a huge crowd cheering on competitors all weekend.”

“Everyone was extremely friendly and helpful, tech was pretty easy – they just looked at the tyres nothing else, we had arrived with our Porsche 356 unloaded it and someone came up to say the engine sounded rough and promptly went about fixing it.”

“Whilst the classes are not exactly every evenly matched – we had no chance of getting a result in a Porsche 356 but we had an absolute blast – I would definitely recommend it to anyone! We even had an email on arriving home to say the organisers have planted trees to carbon neutralise our journey! Pretty Impressive.”

For more details on the GP ice race including full results visit : https://www.gpicerace.com


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