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Volume 12 covers selected classic events throughout the Summer and Autumn of 2023.


Another action packed edition of Auto Addicts highlights the amazing spectrum of events on four and two wheels. What is clear is that it helps to be mad and to take success and failure as two sides of the same coin.

This edition is a great example with Daniel Sauter and Hans-Martin Schneeburger in their inappropriate Fangio Chevrolet taking on the Land’s End Trial; 100 Years of Bentley at Le Mans; Racing the Waves on Bridlington Beach; Pandas in the Moroccan desert; mad motorcyclists taking on the Motogiro on their underpowered bikes; and a report about the sublime Spa Classic meeting. We delve back in history again to bring you the story of the 1997 Peking to Paris – the first re-run of the event since 1907! And, what happened when Henry Ford tried to impose the American way of life on the jungles of Brazil.

Most poignant is the story about Mazda’s Epic Drive in Morocco that was interrupted by the earthquake just outside Marrakesh which killed and left homeless so many people. A drive that turned into an aid mission.

There are so many stories to tell and we would love to hear from you if you are planning something epic or fun.

But wait, surely it isn’t six months since the last edition of Auto Addicts was published – it’s just three! Happily that’s because we are now publishing quarterly as, post-pandemic, events are once again piling up on the calendar and adventures are coming in thick and fast. Be sure not to miss the next edition of Auto Addicts by taking out a subscription. Godspeed to you all and your magnificent classic adventure.


All these amazing stories and more are brought to life by some incredibly atmospheric images from a variety of talent  photographers: Jason Fong, Chris Tarling, Jaime Turner John Brigden, Graeme Fudge, Sarah Bennett-Baggs, Paula and Nigel Broderick and Adele Cohen.

Auto Addicts is a classic lifestyle magazine connecting a like minded community of creatives, writers and photographers with classic adventure thrill seekers through a series of interviews and first hand accounts all accompanied by some stunning photography from some of the best photographers around.



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