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Rob Walker Cenetary Festival – Dorking Oct 18

Motorsport fans and car lovers of all ages came together to celebrate the centenary of Rob Walker with a festival of his life and racing team’s achievements during a one-day exclusive event organised by Dorking Town.

Cars with a personal or historic racing link to The Rob Walker Team that was based in Pippbrook throughout the 1950’s and 1960’s paraded through the town on Sunday 21st October.

Visitors and residents were encouraged to wear classic Rob Walker ‘white-and-blue’ colours, as these were the signature colours of the award-winning privateer’s cars.

Other highlights included: Dorking Museum exhibition, ‘Rob Walker and Dorking’s Place in Motor Racing History’ that was officially opened by Rob’s son, Robbie Walker at 3pm a launch of Tom Loftus’s book, ‘Memories of Pippbrook Garage’

Above:  L/R, Tony Cleverley – (Team mechanic), Penny Walker – (Robbies wife), Dauvergne Morgan (Walker) – (Robbies sister),  Robbie Walker – (Rob Walker’s son).

Photographs by  Simon Hildrew
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