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Privacy Policy

Here at Auto Addicts we value the loyalty and want to protect the privacy of our members. We respect the high calibre of our members and their interests and thus have adopted a high standard of protection of our data and our members privacy.

  • Auto-Addicts only collects the data given to us in the subscription form.
  • Auto-Addicts do not share or sell this data with any third party organisations.
  • Auto-Addicts do not publish this data or make it available in any form to other publishers or organisations.

Subscribing to Auto Addicts options members ‘in’ to an exclusive group of collectors and enthusiasts who receive a members weekly email offering a round-up of the best classic road and race cars available to buy around the world.

Auto addicts reserve the right to increase the frequency of these emails and at this time will offer members an option to receive bi-weekly or weekly round-ups.

If these strict privacy rules change we will notify our members by email to allow them to change their preferences at any time after which members will only be contacted in manners consistent with their stated preferences.


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To receive the latest news as it breaks

Stay in touch
To receive the latest news as it breaks