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Nepal Spells Adventure

ERA’s Himalayan Challenge certainly lived up to its billing of “a challenge” in 2018 from beginning to end. The competitors were hit by monsoon floods, tortuous traffic conditions and high mountain passes with myriads of hairpins. Huge potholes would test the suspension and the patience of those on the rally. The competition side of the event became incidental to the main objective: survival. 

In Volume 3 of Auto Addicts Printed journals we dig deep to find the real stories from some of the competitors on this event, from the winners and also those where everything broke and went drastically wrong.

One of the best moments highlighted from our competitors was captured in this video clip.

Bill Cleyndert told us “We had some great fun in Kat mandu – we met a German chap who got on the telephone and arranged a police escort for us to drive to the centre of the town and park outside the Royal Palace in Kat mandu. So there we were, driving like complete nutters, escorted into the Royal Square.”

Now watch and Enjoy!


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