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Evolution Jaguar E-type – Quality Redefined

Uryk Dmyterko is the man behind Evolution E-types and in this exclusive interview Uryk talks about his creation and how it evolved from restoring a few cars to making high quality parts for the restoration supply chain to eventually creating his own a show stopping aluminium bodied car to demonstrate their high quality craftsmanship and developments.

The Evolution Jaguar is the culmination of twelve years of passion and determination driven Uryk’s desire to create the best then make it  one better.  “People often use the word ‘high quality’ we’re at the next level”  “This car is immaculate.. and I don’t use that word lightly”

Evolution Jaguars take a period Jaguar E-type identity and rebody and re-engineer the entire car from front to rear and inside and out, incorporating state of the art technology and transforming the drivability, road holding and comfort of the car whilst retaining the basic chassis elements leaving you with a car which is true to the original stlye and has the look and feel of a period Jaguar, but one which is built for the demands of the 21st century roads, and driver.

For more information and full specification click here

You will be able to view the stunning Evolution E-type for yourself, as the car will be on show at the forthcoming London Classic Car show at London Excel (14-17th February)

Meanwhile for more information visit: Evolution Etypes



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