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Race and Rally into 2021 – Part 2

Race and Rally into 2021 – Part 2 Under lockdown rules we haven’t been allowed to visit our race or rally organisers like we normally would have at either Race Retro or any classic car shows. So we thought we would bring the latest news directly to the competitors by talking with all the major race and rally organisers and find out what their plans are for the forthcoming year.

In Part 2 we start talking circuit racing, we speak to Andy Dee Crowne at HSCC (Historic Sports Car Club) where we talk about how as a business they are coping, we ask about their plans to restart events, and how the first few events are going to work, then we talk about the dreaded Carne issue and costs, and how Brexit may effect European grids. Following this a chat with Peter Horsman Chairman of the HGPCA, along with Will Nuthall they talk about their impressive calendar of events, and talk further on the complicated issues of Carne and moving high value racing cars around Europe. We sign off, with a quick chat with the lovely Tania Brown at the VSCC who talks to us from the quiet of the VSCC library.

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Content: 00:00​ – Intro 01:05 – Andy Dee-Crowne, Historic Sports Car Club 11:56​ – Peter Horsman and Will Nuthall, HGPCA 28:52​ – Tania Brown, Club Secretary VSCC

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