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Citroen Ami Buggy Sell- Out

It turns out the one thing we all need in our life is a small low cost electric car built by the same company who brought us the Citroen 2CV!  The Citroen Ami has really hit the mark, ever since it was announced. Even before we have seen the regular cars arriving on the road, a new iteration was released for sale recently the fully personalised My Ami Buggy, – 50 units were released for sale and all units were sold out in less than 18 minutes!  – Er hello?  Have I missed something?  I guess in a country where you get less rain than the UK it could just be the perfect eco runabout.

Apparently – The Citroën Ami is characterised by its entirely digital journey: from discovering the product and ordering to making a payment and selecting a delivery schedule, everything can be done easily online. The fastest customer managed to complete the whole purchasing journey and secure their My Ami Buggy in only 2 minutes and 53 seconds. Thus, they will receive one of the 50 numbered units personalized with their name, which will be delivered during the second half of August.

Unveiled in December 2021, there has been a huge public enthusiasm for the adventurous nature of the My Ami Buggy concept, nearly 1,800 people expressed their desire to purchase this new exclusive version of Ami.

Instead of doors, it features metal tube gates. Similarly, the roof has gone, and in its place is a canvas sunroof that can be rolled back so you can enjoy the open air. The adventurous style is clear, with its unusual Khaki bodywork, its wheel arches, its front and rear bumpers and its golden wheel rims and yellow accessories.

Available in 9 countries, these buggies are going to as rare as hens teeth but – Ami has already won over 21,000 customers in Europe since its commercial launch in April 2020. The dazzling success of this limited edition shows just how incredibly enthusiastic people are about exclusive versions of this vehicle.

When will be finally see one on the road?



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