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2021: 60th Celebrations for the Jaguar E-Type

So – this year’s big anniversary is the 60 Years since the launch of the Jaguar E-type, already the big events are planning celebrations so we thought we would list them in one place:

First up is Classic Silverstone 30 July – 1 August – where organisers will be hosting an E-type Challenge race on Saturday afternoon comprising of a 45 minute grid purely made up of Jaguar E-types, with a mandatory pit stop. To enter you need to hop across to Motor Racing Legends who this year are managing the Jaguar Classic Challenge.

For those not quite so keen to commit to a grid of 50 E-types, there will be the more sedate, track parades and also static displays for E-type owners to join in. Visit Classic Silverstone for early bird tickets and more details.

Later in the year CMC are planning an open day to celebrate the 60th birthday of the  Jaguar E-Type and everyone is invited to the party.

The event will take place at CMC’s headquarters in Bridgnorth, Shropshire, on Saturday August 28th and the company would like to see as many E-Types attending as possible. They will have the opportunity to  be entered into a grand E-Type Concours for a variety of prizes from CMC.

But of course, the celebration is not restricted to E-Types. Guests are welcome to turn up in whatever car they own. Last years’ event, which celebrated the Jaguar Mark 2 saw some 5,000 people attending with more than 100 classic cars on display. CMC would like to break that record.

CMC’s Managing Director Nigel Woodward said: “We want to make this  a Birthday party to remember. The event will be masterminded as usual by Sarah Bulger and Harry Wassell. If you would like to register your car for the E-Type Concours, have a stall, or have any queries then please make contact with Harry, who can be contacted on 01746 765804 or email him:  Harry.Wassell@classic-motor-cars.co.uk

Are you planning a Jaguar E-type celebratory event? Let us know… sarah@ autoaddicts.co.uk

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