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1965 Jaguar MK II 3.4

Photography by Charlie.B Photography

Jaguar is undeniably one of the Great British marques and while the E-type is perhaps one of the best British sports cars of all time, what about Saloon cars?

The Jaguar MK II is an instantly recognised icon, made famous by being the getaway vehicle in the Great Train Robbery and as an everyday runabout for Inspector Morse.

This 1965 Jaguar MK II 3.4 litre saloon is a super cool stunner, finished in Royal Navy Blue with a light blue/grey leather interior and gorgeous Walnut dash offering the perfect opportunity to ease you into retro cool classic ownership without needing to take out a second mortgage!

But there’s more…

Looking at classics is one thing, driving them can be a bit of a nightmare at times, … flat battery bores, drum-brakes, nasty gearbox clunking, rust, vague steering you name it.


This rather super Jaguar has had all the boring gremlins engineered out, to name a few..

– It had a major restoration in 2012
– It has electric power steering (which can be adjusted to suit how you prefer) Gone is the famous Jaguar vagueness..
– It has a modern gearbox replacement – (actually from a Mazda) no-one would know, except you, because it isn’t going to break now! Nor do you need to be pop-eye to turn a corner, or have to faff around with over-drive because it is no longer required.
– It has a modern radio (no need to listen to classic 60s static) and its all hidden behind the original retro radio face.

-It has had suspension and brake overhauls to ensure they are safe, and in good working order. (The brakes are still drums, but it now stops when you apply the pedal)
-It has had new carbs, cooling, coil and battery, in fact all the electrics are great and this baby starts first time every time.


Ah, perhaps you are looking for some pedigree. Well, we have a Jaguar Heritage Certificate, to prove authenticity and an original file containing service book and a list of Jaguar service and sales facilities in 1965 (might be tad out of date). Plus there is a stack of bills and old MOT tickets. The Heritage Certificate proved the car wears its original paint colour and interior trim, and a search through the history shows it was originally supplied from Jaguar Cars of Worcestershire to a Mr Charles Alcock of Hereford. The extensive car file lists the next four owners three of which all lived in the same street in Stanford-Le Hope! So as you can see, everybody loved it.

So, Why are we selling?

To be honest, after writing this I am wondering myself the same question. We like to enjoy our classics and take them on adventures, this one we took to Le Mans Classic in 2014 see pics below, we have a small collection and operate on a strict one out, one in. So something has to go, sadly it is this one.

Above: On route to Le Mans in 2014, and below heading to the drivers ball!

If you are looking for a classic which you can get the kids in the back and a stack of stuff in the boot, this one works well. It will get you from A to B. Passers by will glance admiringly in your direction and you will love it when the lights go red in town so you can cruise to a stop and everyone will wonder who that super cool guy or girl is..  Interested?  Email me on sarah@autoaddicts.co.uk

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