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Plan your adventure with Bespoke Rallies

Bespoke Rallies unveiled its biggest ever calendar of classic and 4×4 rallies at the recent Goodwood Revival – the comprehensive schedule comprises no less than 24 global adventures between November this year and October 2023.

Dakar Enduro
Topping the list of newcomers is the 21-day Dakar Enduro that’s scheduled for February/March 2021, of which Bespoke Rallies Director John Brigden remarked: “It will evoke the glory days of the immortal Paris Dakar by employing some of that event’s finest roads while avoiding the worst, thereby making it suitable for a range of vehicles from classics to two-wheel drive hatchbacks; not to mention motorcycles, as per the original rally. Kicking off at Brooklands, it will wend its way through France and Spain before heading via Tangier, Marrakesh and Dahkla to Dakar.”

White Nights
Another totally unique event is White Nights (aka the rally of the midnight sun). Slated for August 2021, it is a two week rally to the Arctic Circle and beyond that will treat crews to the very best of Scandinavia by including unforgettable areas of Denmark, Sweden, Finland and the Norwegian fjords.

The Grand Prix of South America
Last year, Bespoke Rallies broke the mould of modern classic car adventures by restaging The Grand Prix of South America that had only ever been run once before, and that was in 1948 when the incomparable Juan Manuel Fangio was a front runner in his famous Chevrolet Master. The 70th anniversary re-run proved so popular that John Brigden and the team plan to repeat the exercise every five years, so the next one will occur in 2023 (ie on the 75th anniversary of the first). Once again it will comprise 11,000 kilometers and five countries in 30 days; an unforgettable experience for even the most ardent automotive adventurers.

The full list of provisional dates for Bespoke Rallies events between now and October 2023 is as follows:

  • 2019
    Royal Rajasthan – November
  • 2020
    Sri Lanka – January/February
  • Pyrenees 1000 – May
  • Imperial – June
  • Highland 1000 – September
  • Tiger Tasmania – November
  • 2021
    Cuba Classic – January
  • Dakar Enduro – March
  • Pyrenees 1000 – May
  • White Nights – August
  • Highland 1000 – August
  • Amazon Adventure – October
  • 2022
    Sources of the Nile – January
  • Pyrenees 1000 – May
  • Magical Madagascar – June
  • Austrian Adventure – July
  • Highland 1000 – August
  • Panam Classic – Late September
  • 2023
    Sri Lanka – January
  • Maya Classic – March
  • Pyrenees 1000 – May
  • Imperial – June
  • Highland 1000 – September
  • Grand Prix of South America – October

Further details of all Bespoke Rallies’ innovative automotive events can be found at www.bespokerallies.com.

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